Our recruitment process



With the right recruitment tools and a solid network rooted in the local economy, our experts provide you with a real analytical and advisory role.


Harry Hope. is part of a modern and efficient approach with the implementation of a quality process to ensure a personalized support of its partners.


This structured process allows us to provide a clear and global vision from the definition of the required profile to the hiring process. For Harry Hope. the accomplishment of the mission does not stop at the integration of the candidate, our recruiters ensure a follow-up of integration with its candidates and partners. 


Certain of the quality of his work, Harry Hope. does not impose an exclusivity clause. By calling on us, you only pay for the service to the integration of the candidate to which is added a period of guarantee.


In the context of multiple recruitment (creation of a new department, development of the sales force...), we adapt our approach in order to combine volume and quality.


Our various systems allow us to define a precise action plan, adapted to your strategic development vision and set within a given timeframe.


Our recruiters will be in charge of identifying and mobilizing the necessary resources to accomplish the mission, taking into consideration the various inherent data…