Throughout the Luxembourg area, the recruiters of Harry Hope provide their recruitment services to meet the expectations of companies but also to respond to the changes or evolution of candidates' careers. Harry Hope is a judicious mix of modernity through the mastery of digital tools and tradition through the culture of networking. Professional relationships have their place in the world of Human Resources as much as soft skills and interpersonal behavior.

Most of our recruiters come from international firms, and they put their experience to work for both the company and the candidate. Identifying competencies, finding people and discerning the soft skills necessary for successful team integration are among the elements Harry Hope teams take into particular consideration. The candidate's aspirations and career plans can also be the starting point of a search, because the important thing is that both the employer and the employee benefit.

L’The Harry Hope team is at the heart of the activity to respond to all requests related to recruitment in the Duchy of Luxembourg. Contributing to the success and growth of Luxembourg companies is an additional motivation for each of the team's recruiters. The Luxembourg job market is so dynamic that it is necessary to be accompanied in order to attract and keep talents.

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Recruiting in Luxembourg

At the crossroads of France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is an employment hub. The Luxembourg labor market is highly competitive, polymorphous and multicultural. All these specificities mean that recruitment in Luxembourg requires addressing a diversity of potential candidates with singular expectations linked to the business world. This particularity makes that to be accompanied in its recruitment in Luxembourg is a very recommended step.

Luxembourg's economy is mainly driven by the banking and steel industry. There are about 150 banks in Luxembourg. The financial sector provides the inhabitants of Luxembourg with a high standard of living. Beyond finance, the service sector is very important. Its international outlook makes Luxembourg a stimulating and rewarding place to work. Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe and has citizens from 175 countries. There are three official languages in the Grand Duchy: Luxembourgish, German and French.

The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services sector is booming. Thanks to its tax system and working conditions, Luxembourg attracts major international players: Skype, eBay, iTunes, Amazon, Paypal, Google... The IT ecosystem in Luxembourg also includes successful local players to ensure electronic security and high-speed connectivity (Teralink, Data Center Luxembourg, Inexio, LuxConnect ...). Although these are often high value-added positions, Luxembourg also needs less qualified employees to meet the demands of food, cleaning or public administration.



Living environment for working in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

When we think of Luxembourg, we often think of the Kirchberg plateau, Luxembourg City or the Golden Bell. However, the Grand Duchy is full of little-known treasures. Already, its proximity to Germany, Belgium and France allows for forays abroad in no time if the desire arises. Because of its small size, Luxembourg allows you to criss-cross the country without the slightest effort: relax at the thermal baths of Mondorf-les-Bains, stroll through the vineyards (yes, yes) along the Moselle valley or go hiking (network of hiking trails among the densest in Europe), it's possible in no time! Luxembourg's little-known lakes and rivers are small oases that are ideal for relaxing and offering a wide range of aquatic activities.

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