Harry Hope. offers to accompany employees in their professional reorientation and projects. In the life of companies or candidates, changes are inevitable and it can happen that a separation takes place. In the event of a Job Protection Plan, employers can offer their employees a support programme to help them get back on their feet: Outplacement.



Who is Outplacement for?

This offer is for employees who have lost or are in the process of losing their jobs. This solution is available and financed by their employer to offer them support in their professional project.
It can be a simple job search, a professional reconversion project, the creation of a company... Anything that can be linked to a future professional project!


How does an Outplacement take place?

A dedicated consultant will accompany an employee from the beginning to the end of his project over several months.
Several stages make up the process:

  • The audit of the person to be supported: in-depth exchanges, definition of the professional project, skills assessment.
  • Workshops: Writing CVs, interview exercises, searching for training, jobs, making contact with organisations... They will always be defined in agreement with the candidate and according to his/her needs!
  • Implementation of actions for the realization of the professional project.

The employee benefits from a unique and personalized support to answer his or her questions or needs at all times.


What are the benefits of Outplacement?

Being accompanied by a Harry Hope. consultant on an Outplacement service can allow you several things on the one hand for the employee:

  • Benefit from a network of offers and companies that you might not have known about before,
  • Know the state of the job market and the expectations of employers,
  • Being advised and coached increases the chances of successful recruitment,
  • To be able to take charge of one's professional project in a more serene way by being supported.

For companies, choosing to have an employee benefit from this course is also a guarantee of quality:

  • You show your teams that in case of difficulties you will accompany them all the way because you know how to stay close to them,
  • The employer brand of your structure will only be strengthened because you show that you know how to take steps to support your employees,
  • Choosing to have an employee benefit from Outplacement ensures a separation on better terms, as the employee can experience recognition and not simply feel abandoned.

Harry Hope. offers you above all a human, close and flexible accompaniment in order to best meet your expectations.